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Everything starts on paper.

I love paper. It’s color, structure, haptics and warmth. Drawing my ideas for mobile media on paper feels so natural and helps me shaping the essence of every app. And it might help giving apps some kind of “life” on their way into complete digital items.

Send Braille

Learn Braille in a fun way! Compete with a conversation partner through iMessage. Your improvements are graphically depicted and both partners will even have a score.

Send Signs

Learn fingerspelling and have fun! Compete with a conversation partner through iMessages.

Movie Pulse

A cutting-edge companion of your cinema visits. Movie Pulse identifies those moments through temporal measuring your heart rate. Apple Watch required.


setscene is the most amazing app for directors, director of photography, any member of a film team who want to analyze film by it’s sets.

Grid Clock

Time reinvented. Your Device is square – why not your clock?

Color of Life

Heizo Schulze

Heizo Schulze

Designer, appstudio one

“I had my hands on all kinds of audiovisual media. Maybe that’s why I’m teaching at a university now. But my heart goes boom with apps. I love both: designing and programming. Sometimes it’s hard to be creative and very focused the same time. But developing apps brings the eclectic practice and so to speak the color I was always looking for.”



appstudio one

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