I am sometimes overwhelmed by ideas for apps. It’s not necessarily a function or use scenario I start with. Grid Clock e.g. started with the idea how to design a clock for rectangular devices.


Some of my apps strictly conform to the Apple Design Guidelines, mostly those with a dedicated user scenario, whereas others try to extravagate (if possible). With further experience it’s more easy to play with alternatives to the user expectations (if reasonable).


To be honest: I am a designer at first hand. My knowledge on programming is complete self-educated. But Objective C and Swift feel now, after years of practice, quite natural. Although I have to pass trap doors on every project. I assume, those tools will be more common in general. Sooner or later programming is like learning math or writing.

Research e.g. Metropolis Movie Pulse


setscene’s database has now a considerable scale of 300 movie titles with more than 13.000 movie sets. I plan to release a final version with all of the retrieved data in 2017. On the left is a result of the Movie Pulse project. I run studies to record the pulse of participants together with Dr. André Weinreich, Head of Research & Science from emolyzr (DE) Humboldt University, Berlin. You can find out more here: and

Heizo Schulze


This is one person, this is me: Heizo Schulze.
I am a Designer and Lecturer and live with my family in Berlin.