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Analysing movies systematically by sets (not geographical locations!), assists those who have to deal with movies/media at a professional level, as well as cinephiles in general. But who knows straightaway movies which are set e.g. at a gas station, at a cemetery, an attic etc.?

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Via the categories interior, directors, country, year of production, genre or epoch you will find the movie sets, which can be saved as favorites. “setscene” presents over 150 films in cinema history with more than 12.000 sets to get to know.  The images will be displayed in portrait mode with film facts. Switch to landscape mode to view the image full format. setscene runs on iPhone and iPad.

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What is setscene not?

It is no geo-tag app. Sets would not be classified as a location, but as a backdrop, movie set. The geographical location is not provided. “setscene” currently analyzing neither the dramaturgical structure, nor the history of a given film. The most important film facts are displayed. If you want to know more, you will be forwarded to IMDb. If you want to know more about the project, visit

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