Send Braille

Learn Braille in a fun way!

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Learn with Messages

This iMessages app will let you learn the English Braille alphabet anywhere with sending messages back and forth! One person acts as the starter, sending either a sign or letter. The receiver has to pick the correct counterpart.

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Improvements are shown
Send Sign or Letter

1. Send Sign or Letter

Reply with Letter or Sign

2. Reply Counterpart

Rate Selection

3. Rate Selection

Receive Results

4. Receive Results

Improvements are shown

Get better and better

Your improvements are graphically depicted. After you got used to the four step „send – reply – rate – result“ procedure, you can easily see which signs are still difficult and need your attention.

Braille Dots Animation

These beautiful Braille dots are available as iMessage Sticker Pack as well.

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Compete with others

Send Braille lets you compete with a conversation partner. The sender can rate or auto-rate the receivers choice. Both will obtain points which will be added to a score. Finally: Send Braille has even an „Advanced Mode“ (and cheat prevention).

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