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Are you interested how forms of positive stress are triggered within a movie? Movie Pulse identifies those moments through temporal measuring your heart rate.

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How does it work?

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High and Low

A movie timeline with a graph is depicting the high and low moments in a 30 minutes interval. Inspect the timeline – see when you’ve got emotionally pleased or upset. This is a neat starting point with your friends. And you might compare your timelines if you have seen and recorded the same movie.

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a paired Apple Watch is strongly required!

How to read?


I am not really able to post a theory on how heart rate is influenced by a plot, but I am quite sure that there is more than being afraid by seeing torture, seeing action or horror. I am currently using this app together with Dr. André Weinreich, Head of Research & Science from emolyzr (DE), a company founded by the Humboldt University, Berlin. He is a psychologist and dedicated researcher of emotions. We run a study on various movies with a set of Apple Watches and Movie Pulse. You can find out more on the research and analysis topic at

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