Grid Clock

Time reinvented.
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Currently not available, Sorry

Square Device – Square Clock

Have you ever searched for an innovative and simple to use clock? It’s Grid Clock. But: time has changed, it’s square and it’s a grid. Your iPhone or iPad becomes a nifty modern clock. Amaze your friends: Are they smart enough to read the time?

Grid Clock Logo
Foto Mode

Customized Design

Certain options will offer a Grid Clock to fit your needs. It has color schemes, pictures and different modes to render the time in a stylish grid. You’ll use your device as a graceful accessory. It will no longer be kept in dark bags. Looks beautiful on an iPad or a Apple Watch.

Looks nice even on Apple Watch

Please note: the Grid Clock app is currently unavailable due to the fact, that it shows the time on Apple Watch. This is not allowed by Apple. I have not yet found the time to reassemble the app without this feature, sorry.

Plays your Music

Play Your Music

Yes, Grid Clock offers access to your favorite songs as well! It’ll use album artwork as a background image. Square time will be still visible as an overlay. Play with the modes and colors to find the perfect combination.

Grid Clock on iPad


Grid Clock on iPad

Weather Forecast

Additionally, Grid Clock can display the weather condition at your current location. So it’s a perfect addition with the displayed time. The weather Pro module shows even a forecast for the next five days.

Weather Forecast